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Integrated solution portfolio for distribution system operators

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Fichtner Digital Grid

Mastering change. The expansion of renewable energy sources, the growing requirements of electromobility, the aging of equipment, efficiency requirements from the regulatory authorities – the world of distribution networks is changing. The various demands on network operators can only be met on the basis of up-to-date, reliable information. Fichtner Digital Grid provides a solution.

Digitizing distribution networks. Smart integration creates a digital image of the network. Up-to-date, centralized equipment information is available to a wide variety of users.  Easy-to-use expert tools provide specific functions for key business processes, such as network calculation and regulatory management. As a proven industry specialist, Fichtner supports you in building a modular, scalable solution as a platform for your digitization strategy.

Supporting processes. Fichtner Digital Grid supports distribution system operators in meeting current challenges with a unique, flexibly scalable solution package. In doing so, we focus on company-wide use with functions that are specially designed for different work processes. We offer a customized set of services and integrative software modules that can be individually adapted to the business objectives, from the provision of a reliable, equipment-oriented database to cloud-based BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).

Fichtner Digital Grid Modules are in productive use by over 30 customers.

About Fichtner

Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading independent engineering and consulting companies in the fields of energy and infrastructure. With its subsidiaries and associated companies, the Fichtner Group has over 1500 employees in over 60 countries. Since its foundation in 1922, Fichtner has been a reliable partner to the energy industry and carries out demanding national and international projects that contribute to the safety and future of energy systems.

Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH (FIT in short) is the Group’s IT expertise center. We design and implement information logistics for technical networks, plants and infrastructure. We combine our knowledge of the industry and process know-how with the latest technological expertise to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for your success. The gleaning, structuring, linking, preparation and presentation of information – including the spatial context – are the key to efficient and effective solutions.


Market changes in the energy industry

The energy industry is in a phase of upheaval. Many of the changes especially affect the distribution networks:

  • New mass loads such as electric vehicles and heat pumps 
  • Innovative storage technologies 
  • Increasing distributed generation 
  • Aging of equipment 
  • Extensive legislation 
  • Regulation of incentives 
  • New business models and added value services 
  • Many and various market players

Requirements for the network operators

Network operators can only cope with the new requirements on the basis of up-to-date and reliable information. However, the data are usually concealed in specialized systems – there is a lack of linkage, consistency and often also data quality. Media discontinuities and manual filing are still a challenge for the support of the technical processes. Simple, central access to all kinds of equipment information – technical, commercial and operational data – is necessary to fulfil the various tasks in planning and construction, operation and network management on a reliable basis.


The modular way to the Smart Grid

Fichtner Digital Grid dovetails into existing specialist systems as needed, and in doing so makes it possible to establish a solution for support of frequently recurring buisness pocesses step by step. The easily usable web interfaces are based on our Business Geo Intelligence framework BGI, which is in service with a large number of customers.

The Fichtner Digital Grid concept consists of three stages.

  • BGI Smart Integration generates a digital image of the network.
  • BGI Grid Analytics provides a multi-sector view of the systems and the current operating condition.
  • BGI Expert Tools provide expert workplaces for specific functions in frequently recurring processes.

BGI Smart Integration

Smart integration for a digital image of the network

Ensuring reliable system data is usually associated with major challenges for network operators. The use of specialized, non-integrated systems in connection with inconsistencies and gaps in technical characteristics and network topology stands in the way of efficient and transparent network management. In consequence, simple issues often result in complex queries and manual processing in Excel.

This is where our experience in integrating backend systems and our intelligent algorithms for supplementing incomplete topologies and consistent assignment of master and transaction data comes into play. Gaps in data are detected and filled by learning algorithms. The result is a consistent, complete and high-quality data basis for network management, including a computable network model.

BGI Import
facilitates the integration of a wide range of basic data in an integrated, interlinked information base

BGI Connect
links dynamic information and sensors and completes the stock of information on the systems

BGI Enhancement
checks, corrects and supplements the information base by means of intelligent and innovative approaches, including documentation

BGI TopoManager
ensures a realistic and electrically correct topology and makes the network image coputable

BGI CheckBack
monitorss, records and generates structured feedback messages for relevant events

BGI Interfaces for Business Users and Experts

User friendliness for greater efficiency

Fichtner Digital Grid provides scalable cloud, hybrid and on-premises modules for the most important tasks of modern network management. On the basis of a graduated role concept, information levels and functions are made available in a highly differentiated fashion.

BGI Grid Analytics provides an integrated resource view in geographical or schematic form for information and analysis. Depending on the configuration, the view of the systems allows access to different sectors, technical properties, current operating states, relevant transaction data (orders and messages) and commercial information. In addition, embedded services such as real estate data, weather data and navigation functions can be supplied as required.

In addition, Fichtner Digital Grid supplies dedicated expert tools:

BGI Calculate
Network calculation, assessment of the current and future network condition, target network planning, integration of feed-in from distributed generating facilities, connection checking and protection calculation

BGI Control
Regulatory management, concession management, preparation for cost reviews, amendment of incentive regulations, tendering processes and calculation tool for network fees

BGI OptNet
Integrated asset management, condition assessment, risk analysis, rehabilitation requirements, CAPEX and OPEX analyses, optimum network planning, network efficiency and reliability

BGI Maintain
Support for maintenance management, analysis of network components and transaction data (fault messages and orders), and action planning

BGI Policy
Corporate target-oriented maintenance strategy, simulation of scenarios relevant to business, and deduction and evaluation of strategies

BGI Document
Network and plant documentation, plan updating, plan information, basis for digital construction files, and mobile planning information online/offline (mobile GIS)

Flexible BPO

Flexible Business Process Outsourcing: Expert Services from Fichtner Engineering

Fichtner Digital Grid can be used by your business users and experts. In addition, we offer specialist services – from specific support to complete business process outsourcing services. The basis for this is our many years of experience in consulting and engineering for distribution system operators, for example in the areas of recording and analysing network status and evaluating target network variants.

We offer further consulting and engineering services for current issues such as the optimization of self-sufficiency through the integration of battery storage or the integration of electromobility.

We also provide support in regulatory management, strategic and operational asset management, network documentation and planning information.