Fichtner Digital Grid

Mastering the digital transformation in the distribution network

Master change. The modern challenges in grid management, such as the expansion of renewable energies, the requirements of growing electric mobility, the (over-) ageing of operating resources and efficiency requirements from the regulatory authorities can only be mastered on the basis of an up-to-date, reliable information base. More and more complex decisions have to be made and the time windows are becoming tighter. The digitalisation of distribution networks and the interactions of the network operator with many new players further increase the pressure.

Therefore, new processes for network data quality and visualization, network calculation, regulation and asset management must be established and increasingly large amounts of data must be processed efficiently. The IT infrastructures of many network operators are only suitable for these tasks to a limited extent because they usually consist of many proprietary individual solutions.

With Fichtner Digital Grid, the challenges of technical-economic network management described above can be met flexibly, transparently, system-oriented and digitally on the basis of an information-centric, modern consolidation platform.

Digitizing distribution networks. Smart integration creates a digital image of the network, including the linking of technical, commercial and geographical data. Inconsistencies and gaps in the data and network topology are optimally supplemented by intelligent data migration.

This resource information is available to a wide range of users in a centralized and up-to-date manner, for example via our data-centric Fichtner EDDIE platform. As a proven industry specialist, Fichtner supports you in setting up a modular, scalable solution as the platform for your digitization strategy.

Supporting processes. Fichtner Digital Grid supports distribution network operators in meeting current challenges with a unique, flexibly scalable solution package. In doing so, we focus on company-wide use with functions specifically designed for different work processes:

  • Cross-divisional and multidisciplinary, low-barrier views of plants as well as analysis functions for network calculation, Regulation and asset management
  • Task-specific expert workplaces with a low entry hurdle to optimize regular processes

From the provision of a reliable, resource-oriented information base to cloud-based BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), we offer a tailored set of services and integrative software modules that can be individually adapted to business objectives.


Market changes in the energy sector

The energy sector is in a state of upheaval. Many of the changes are particularly affecting the distribution networks:

Requirements for network operators

Network operators can only meet the new requirements on the basis of up-to-date and reliable information. However, the data is usually hidden in specialized systems - there is a lack of linkage, consistency and often also data quality. Media disruptions and manual filing are still a challenge for the support of specialist processes. Simple, centralized access to all types of resource information - technical, commercial and operational data - is necessary in order to reliably fulfill the various tasks involved in planning and construction, operation and network management.


Stepwise process integration

Fichtner Digital Grid supplements existing specialist systems in line with requirements, thus enabling step-by-step development of a solution to support frequently recurring business processes. The easy-to-use web interfaces are based on our Business Geo Intelligence framework BGI, which is used by numerous clients.

The Fichtner Digital Grid concept consists of three stages.

  • BGI Smart Integration generates a digital image of the network.
  • BGI Grid Analytics provides a multi-sector view of the systems and the current operating condition.
  • BGI Expert Tools provide expert workplaces for specific functions in frequently recurring processes.


With ease of use to higher efficiency

Fichtner Digital Grid provides scalable cloud, hybrid and on-premises modules for the most important tasks of modern network management. On the basis of a graduated role concept, information levels and functions are provided on a customized basis.

For information and analysis, BGI Grid Analytics provides an integrated resource view in geographical or schematic representation. Depending on the configuration, the equipment view allows access to different divisions, technical characteristics, current operating states, relevant transaction data (orders, messages) and commercial information. In addition, embedded services such as property data, weather data and navigation functions can be offered as required.

In addition, Fichtner Digital Grid provides dedicated expert tools:

Network calculation, assessment of the current and future network condition, target network planning, integration of feed-in from distributed generating facilities, connection checking and protection calculation

Easy Connect
Quick and easy technical check of the steadily increasing number of reportable connection requests for renewable energy systems or e-mobility in medium and low-voltage electrical distribution grids

Regulatory management, concession management, preparation for cost reviews, amendment of incentive regulations, tendering processes and calculation tool for network fees

Integrated asset management, condition assessment, risk analysis, rehabilitation requirements, CAPEX and OPEX analyses, optimum network planning, network efficiency and reliability

Support for maintenance management, analysis of network components and transaction data (fault messages and orders), and action planning

Process support for the planning of a climate-neutral heating infrastructure, development of target scenarios, strategic planning for goal achievement

Network and plant documentation, plan updating, plan information, basis for digital construction files, and mobile planning information online/offline (mobile GIS)

Redispatch 2.0
With the mandatory implementation from October 2021, distribution system operators will face a variety of new requirements. Fichtner Digital Grid can support implementation of these requirements.

The integration of high-precision real-time sensor data offers offers in-depth visibility and insight into grid state and behaviour for reduced downtime, among other things. Powered by depsys GridEye-technology.

Data Integration

With smart integration to the digital image of the network

Ensuring reliable system data is usually associated with major challenges for network operators. The use of specialized, non-integrated systems in connection with inconsistencies and gaps in technical characteristics and network topology stands in the way of efficient and transparent network management. In consequence, simple issues often result in complex queries and manual processing in Excel.

This is where our experience in integrating backend systems and our intelligent algorithms for supplementing incomplete topologies and consistent assignment of master and transaction data comes into play. Gaps in data are detected and filled by learning algorithms. The result is a consistent, complete and high-quality data basis for network management, including a computable network model.

facilitates the integration of a wide range of basic data in an integrated, interlinked information base

ensures a realistic and electrically correct topology and makes the network image coputable

links dynamic information and sensors and completes the stock of information on the systems

monitorss, records and generates structured feedback messages for relevant events

checks, corrects and supplements the information base by means of intelligent and innovative approaches, including documentation

Fichtner expert services

Flexible business process outsourcing: expert services trough Fichtner engineering

Fichtner Digital Grid can be used by your business users and experts. In addition, we offer specialist services – from specific support to complete business process outsourcing services. The basis for this is our many years of experience in consulting and engineering for distribution system operators, for example in the areas of recording and analysing network status and evaluating target network variants.

We offer further consulting and engineering services for current issues such as the optimization of self-sufficiency through the integration of battery storage or the integration of electromobility.

We also provide support in regulatory management, strategic and operational asset management, network documentation and planning information.

About Fichtner

Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading independent engineering and consulting companies in the fields of energy and infrastructure. With its subsidiaries and associated companies, the Fichtner Group has over 2000 employees in over 60 countries. Since its foundation in 1922, Fichtner has been a reliable partner to the energy industry and carries out demanding national and international projects that contribute to the safety and future of energy systems.

Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH (FIT in short) is the Group’s IT expertise center. We design and implement information logistics for technical networks, plants and infrastructure. We combine our knowledge of the industry and process know-how with the latest technological expertise to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions for your success. The gleaning, structuring, linking, preparation and presentation of information – including the spatial context – are the key to efficient and effective solutions.