Introduction of Fichtner Digital Grid to set up a computationally capable overall grid model at Energienetze Mittelrhein GmbH & Co. KG

Energienetze Mittelrhein GmbH & Co. KG, part of Energieversorgung Mittelrhein (evm Group), is focusing on innovation: With the introduction of Fichtner Digital Grid, they are automating grid connection requests to efficiently manage the growing demand for connections for PV systems, heat pumps and wallboxes and minimize system costs. This technology offers a solution to the challenges of the energy industry and increases the efficiency of processes.

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Data-based forecasting models for a reliable water supply

In the issues of the trade journals "bbr Leitungsbau | Brunnenbau | Geothermie" and "DVGW energie | wasser-praxis", an innovative method is presented that supports water suppliers in the long-term maintenance of their technical facilities. With the help of data-supported forecasting models, the performance of production wells can be predicted and renovation measures can be planned efficiently. The study provides insights into modern data analysis and forecasting methods and shows how structural, operational and environmental data can be used to identify maintenance needs. By integrating the model approach into the OptNet software solution, the results can be visualized and used for comprehensive budget planning.

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Publication: "inGRID" feed-in card for renewable gases

The latest issue 6/2023 of the specialist magazine gis.Business published by Wichmann Verlag, Berlin/Offenbach, contains a detailed, joint specialist article on the successful implementation of the inGRID project. The authors Mark Staples, Georg Wernhart and Marc Lange describe the initial objectives, conception and realization of the lighthouse project. Read the article here (Source: gis.Business 6/2023, Wichmann Verlag, Berlin/Offenbach).

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Digital distribution grid management: Fichtner IT Consulting and Camille Bauer Metrawatt cooperate

The aim is to enable maximum transparency of the grid status and grid behavior in certified grid quality recording and performance analysis in order to reduce downtimes, among other things, as this ZfK article explains.

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Fichtner Digital Grid – Digital Twin of the Distribution Grid

For many distribution system operators, their power grid is still a black box, but FIT and depsys make it transparent: The FDG makes knowledge and information about the grid available company-wide and thus provides an overview.

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For a smarter grid - depsys and Fichtner IT Consulting agree to collaborate

Depsys and Fichtner IT Consulting have agreed to join forces in the smart grid sector at the end of August 2021. The companies have decided to combine their technology and market expertise in order to offer grid operators even more competitive smart grid solutions. Customers will benefit both from the precise measuring hardware and the reliable value processing of the GridEye smart grid solution from depsys, as well as from the FIT consulting services and the Fichtner Digital Grid (FDG) software solution portfolio.

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MITNETZ STROM offers automated grid connection testing in real time

The enviaM network operator has introduced an automated real-time network connection check. It simplifies the access to the power grid for power producers from renewable energies. It is possible to ask them online where they can connect the desired power. They receive immediate feedback. In addition, a complete overview of free capacities for grid connections in the grid area is available. Here the company currently has a unique selling point nationwide. The consulting and development services for implementation were carried out by Fichtner IT Consulting and demonstrate once again how our Fichtner Digital Grid solution portfolio successfully supports companies in coping with current challenges in network operation.

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Fichtner Digital Grid in the september issue of netzpraxis

Our innovative solution package for distribution system operators, Fichtner Digital Grid, featured in the september issue of netzpraxis. Fichtner Digital Grid accomplishes comprehensive process support and provides expert modules so that contemporary challenges in grid management can be mastered successfully, transparently and digitally. The ‘BGI Grid Analytics’ base module is used to consolidate technical information, operating and consumption data as well as business data from various sources such as GIS, ERP, document management system, billing procedures, control system or damage notifications.

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Support of Stadtwerke Wolfenbüttel with Fichtner Digital Grid

As a traditional service provider in the field of energy, water supply and communication in Wolfenbüttel, we are active in the areas of digitization, the energy transition and liberalization in a dynamic market environment and guarantee the secure supply of more than 56,000 inhabitants. The modern challenges in network management for example, expanding renewable energies, the requirements of growing electromobility, the aging of operating resources, and the regulatory efficiency requirements can only be managed on the basis of up-to-date, reliable information. In particular, Fichtner IT Consulting supports us with the solution portfolio Fichtner Digital Grid in the field of frequently recurring calculations for connection testing and target network planning with a simple, easy-to-use interface using the expert tool BGI Calculate. For information and analysis, the basic module BGI Grid Analytics provides an integrated resource view in a geographical or schematic representation. Depending on the configuration, the plant view allows access to different divisions, technical characteristics, current operating states, relevant transaction data and commercial information.

Fichtner Digital Grid in the magazine 50.2

If you want to make viable decisions, you need a good information basis. This simple truth is currently gaining momentum in distribution network operations. The magazine 50.2 has published an interesting article of our new solution "Fichtner Digital Grid " on the distribution network of the future. Digital Grid provides general information and analysis functions for all users as well as expert tools for specialist tasks such as regulatory management, target network planning, operational asset management or investment planning.

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From Expert Tools to the Digital Grid

Digital twins promise to break up old silos and thus support a core concern of DIN ISO 55,000. Information from the various source systems does not have to be collected in different expert systems, but is always available to the entire company in terms of equipment. The international conference of the Institute for Asset Management will show how the integration of OPTNET into Fichtner Digital Grid works.

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